Once we decided to expand Hilltop Ranch from a strictly-BMX Supercross facility to a “full-spectrum” training destination, the need for a classic BMX track was clear. Today, The Ranch welcomes riders of all skill levels, and all ages to come out and train.

The BMX track features a four-man gate, with four straightaways, and is on-par with the scale and technical dimensions you’ll find at most USA BMX nationals. The racing surface is pulverized limestone with a thick coating of Soiltac sealing-out the elements.

While its big brother next door gets most of the attention, this track is a great warm up for those early morning SX sessions, and is also the perfect setting for coaches to run clinics or multi-day camps.

For more information on renting out the BMX track for your team or training session, please use the contact form and provide us with the dates and details you had in mind.

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