The BMX Supercross track at Hilltop Ranch track was built to UCI specs, by C&K Contractors from the UK–the same guys who built the London 2012 Olympic track, the National Cycling Center track in Manchester UK, and the World Cycling Center at UCI headquaters in Switzerland.

It’s fully-dialed, but also in constant state of refinement, as we incorporate new features to keep pace with what is being built on the global BMX SX curcuit. As a full-time training track, we adapt quickly to how the sport is progressing, and in a way that steps things up, before our clients fly out to the next big race. Training hard before the race makes race day that much easier.

The view from atop the 8-meter hill is awesome, and gives you the sense of both the wide-open-spaces Hilltop Ranch provides, and the comfort of privacy, where you can get down to the business of BMX without dozens of your closest competitors watching your every move. Our air conditioned coach’s tower lets the guy calling the shots see all the on-track action and plug-in a laptop, camera and generally keep a cool head.

Hilltop Ranch is the perfect setting for National Federations or Factory Teams to “live-in” for a period of time, renting out the full facility—BMX Supercross track, BMX track, trails and the on-site Ranch House. Once you’re here, your training trip will be “self-contained” in one location and you can ride and rest at will.

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